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25th May to 25th October, 2024

🚀 Make your mark in 5 months! 

Here's what you can earn:

  • 30 sales = ₦65,000
  • 50 sales = ₦130,000
  • 100 sales = ₦250,000 + Stellar Publishing Guide T-shirt
  • 200 sales = ₦500,000 or Laptop + Stellar Publishing Guide T-shirt
  • 300 sales = ₦750,000 or Hp Laptop + Stellar Publishing Guide T-shirt
  • 500 sales = ₦1,200,000 or Macbook Pro 13" M2+ Stellar Publishing Guide Tee
  • 1,000 sales = ₦2,500,000 or Macbook Pro 13" M2 & StarlinkStellar Publishing Guide Tee
  • 1,500 sales = ₦3,700,000 + Stellar Publishing Guide Tee
  • 2,000 sales = ₦5,000,000 or Toyota Camry + Stellar Publishing Guide Tee


Surpass 500 sales and earn an extra 70% commission for the next 3 months!

YES! You will get 17,500 Naira (instead of 12,500 Naira) per sale for 3 months.



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