Welcome to Mentorship!

by Aiyejinna Abraham 
Sokoto | 2021

Affiliate marketing can be frustrating when you decide to go alone.

Yes. Many Affiliates consider quitting today because all the dreams they had for themselves are not coming to pass.

Well, you aren't going to suffer that. Like I promised, I am going to be giving you mentorship access. 

And not just that, I will also share with you the tips senior Affiliates use.

What my student Joanna said one certain time before she came back to thank me after taking my mentorship serious.

She was like:

"Boss, I have implemented all the 72IG training videos, still nothing is coming. I will quit this November. "

I didn't say anything regards that. I understood her plight very well. All I simply did was go back to my WhatsApp mentorship group and drop 4 voice notes. 

I thought none of them will implement what I said. But to my surprise, Joanna did and she started selling.

She came back and said:

"Boss, thank you for those voice notes"

Lol. I was shocked, too. Till today, I always remind her of that incident. 


Don't take mentorship for granted. You are my student and you are entitled to it. I assure you, if you follow these documents,  videos, and audios  I'll be sharing here, you will find Affiliate marketing easy and earn well.

Follow who know road.


  • Do not Share the link to this page to anyone even your fellow students. All of you have access to this page. Anyone who breaches, leaves.
  • I gave you a password to this page. Lol. Don't share it too
  • I will frequently update this page (YouTube videos links, documents etc.) Always check. 
  • Do not Share any of my mentorship materials with anyone. 

If You mess up, I no go hear "I beg".



If you are new to Expertnaire, please watch the video tutorial on how to use Expertnaire by going to https://expertnaire.com/video-tutorials Please do this.

Also, All complaints (either about your affiliate account or relating to customers) should be sent to the Expertnaire support via help@expertnaire.com or 08090655920 (Whatsapp only, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm)

Week 1.

So, welcome to mentorship. 

Before we begin, I would like to employ you that Affiliate marketing is not a ponzy scheme. At such, your input determine your output. And by "input", I mean smart work. 

Also, know that my mentorship DOESN'T remove the place of 72IG in your journey. The more you know 72IG, the better you become at Affiliate marketing.  My mentorship is, more like, a supplement to give you a faster and understandable journey. 

That being said, do these if you haven't 

1. (If it has gotten to 48 hours since you got the 72IG, go to expertnaire.com . Login with your email address then use default password: 123456. If your account is yet to be opened, send a mail to help@expertnaire.com

If your account has been opened, 

2. Go to the TOP-RIGHT of your dashboard, click on the icon having your name. Click on EDIT PROFILE. Edit your profile. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. Put in a valid Bank account. Make sure it is correct.

After your account has been opened,

3. Go back to your 72IG course. (It is in the first mail you recieved from expertnaire). Once opened, click on the 72IG WHATSAPP INCOME GENERATOR. Watch all the videos. Take notes as you do. I will ask you questions. 

The ideas from the WhatsApp income generator can help you start making sales before you move to 72IG 2020 after you have gotten enough money run Facebook ads, email marketing etc.

Here is how you can download the videos to your phone and watch offline at your own pace:

A. Go to any video and LONG PRESS.
B. A menu is brought out. Click on COPY VIDEO URL.
C. Once you are done copying, you can visit
D. Paste the link in the search bar and wait for the video to load.
E. After loading, click on DOWNLOAD.

After watching the videos, get back to me with what you have learnt. But if you are ready to move quickly, you can Start implementing the WhatsApp Income Generator, alongside my mentorship videos. 

This should not take up to week (well, it depends on your schedule).


1. Welcome to mentorship

2. It starts from your mind

​3. How to create a good social media portfolio 


4. Mistakes beginners make

5. Status as billboard

6. Copywriting. How to do it.

7. Offer creation 


8. Building audience 


9. KLT like an agbero 



Week 2


I hope you are reading that book and working on your sales funnel. No laziness in this business.

First, here is a link to watch the video where Jackto  Precious shared a strategy on how he was able to achieve 2.6 million in sales on expertnaire.

I have been using this strategy and it has been helping me so far. If you can watch this video to the end and copy exactly what I did, you must surely get similar results.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube https://youtu.be/sjnfH8ahQwE

If you want audio, download it here and listen to it carefully Audio  

If you have questions, don't forget to ask me.


The most secure way to never get broke again in this business is to build your audience.

If you watch Jackto  Precious' video, he talked about how he opened a new Facebook account and bought a new sim card and built his audience from scratch. Well, I had such plans when I started, but I didn't do it.

I continued with my old audience. But, it's easier to sell to strangers than friends. Friends need a lot of time. Because they have this stinking familiarity with you.

So, if you feel you can't start new social media accounts, focus on GETTING NEW STRANGERS DAILY TO YOUR WHATSAPP.

The reason why Bruno, Pascal, Maureen Jackto, Caleb etc were able to generate millions quickly is because they already have audience that trust them.

Frank Egon my colleague was able to generate over 200k in space of 5 days. You want to know why he generate that money that fast?

It's because he already has an audience that know him, like him, and trust him. KLT again.

Build your audience and start nurturing them. That's the secret to fast money in this business.

Now I have over 1 thousand contacts on my Whatsapp and my status view moved from 30 to 200 views. I'm still building my audience and my goal is to get at least thousands of status views.

You know what that means. Lots of millions to my bank account. If you don't have the patience of using free traffic to build your audience, Then run ads.

Start with WhatsApp TV ads then later you use Facebook ads. I know a student who used WhatsApp TV ads and today he has over 800 views on his WhatsApp status and he has generated over 4 million naira on expertnaire.

Get to work and stay consistent.

Another one:

Learn how to write storytelling contents.

Storytelling contents works like magic. It makes people to like you easily and trust you to give you their money. If you notice the way I write, you will find out I love telling good stories. Let's make this millions together.

Here is Uchendu Obialor Strategy.

This contains how to write contents and 7 day program to follow to get your first sale. And also lots of swipe files... Go through it and take massive action


And this https://tinyurl.com/UCSuperaffiliatetoolkit is one of the most important tool inside the uche strategy is the Millionaire affiliate cheat sheet.

The most important tool is the Millionaire affiliate cheat sheet and the 7 days plan to hit your first sale. Go through all the files. Lots of valuable things there.

How to succeed faster in affiliate marketing business.

If you go through the 72IG, Toyin Omotoso made mention of "the Money is in the list".

How do you utilize this?

First of all pick a niche that you are very good at.

For me, I pick the money making niche. Reason why I pick the money making niche is because I have studied how money works and this nation has many people in need of it.

Read books like think and grow rich, rich Dad poor Dad, the power of the subconscious mind.

I have implemented most of the information I got from this books and I understand how money works. That's why If you go through my timeline, I'm focus in writing contents that educate people financially. I have already become an expert in writing contents around financial education.

With this I have built a loyal audience that like me and trust me. Whenever I drop a lead getting post concerning affiliate marketing, I usually have a lot of people who always show interest. One of my lead getting post got over 50 comments.

What you will do to hit this 1 million in 6 Months is to pick a niche you are very good at, then look for your audience on Facebook or any social media platform you choose to use.

You can pick the health niche, travel niche and money making niche. This 3 niche are the biggest.

Choose one niche then write educative contents to educate your audience on Facebook Once in a week.

Organize a free WhatsApp class where you are going to educate them more about the problem they have.

Then invite the interested people into your WhatsApp group and give them a free class that will help them solve their problem.

After the class recommend a solution to them: pick a product on expertnaire that will solve their problem and make sure they always save your number because you will be doing the follow up on your status.

If you can do this repeatedly and stay consistent for 3 months, thousands of naira will be generated to your bank account.

The video Jackto Precious did talking about how he was able to hit millions in affiliate marketing, If you follow exactly what he did, in the next 3 months you will hit your amazing results.

If you use ads it might take you 1-2 months. Free traffic 3-5 months.

Remember, the more people that see your offer, the bigger the chance of hitting your millions

Listen to this audio from Uchendu Obialor. He talked about how to get contents to promote the 72IG and some secrets to make people like you. He also talks about how to handle objection from your prospect (very important)

No making of excuses. Get to work. And if you make a sale using any of the strategies I have shared, post it in the group so it will motivate others. And it will always motivate me to drop more strategies.

Groups to Get Business Friends on Facebook IBB:

* Internet Business Blueprint with Daniel Folley

* GINA Writers And Entrepreneurs Academy

* CreateBuildSell: The Bootcamp

* Digital Marketing Skill Institute Community

And so on



Search it on Google and download it. Read that book and you will learn how to make people happy and like you. When you make people happy, they give you their money. Have you not wonder why people will use their last card to vote for bbnaija contenstant they don't know?

It's because those contestants are making them happy. And that is exactly what I'm doing. Most of you here choose to register for the 72IG through me because you like what I do. Read that book and implement. Learn to read books instead of watching movie.

Personally I hardly watch movies. Copy and model my tactics and you will be blessed with riches and prosperity

One of the fast ways to get sales is to create inresistable offer your prospect can't say no to. When you do this, people will beg you to buy from you.

How to craft inresistable offer that will make people to buy from you instead.

https://youtu.be/onotpnn8ss8 Download and watch.

He also talked about how his student was able to learn the Facebook targeting inside the 72IG and use it to create his own course after successfully do great jobs for people. In 2 months plus he did over 850k selling his own course. There are lots of opportunities inside the 72IG. Be creative using them and you will be blessed

How to follow up a prospect without looking desperate.
Here is the YouTube link. https://youtu.be/qoKPTV8O8aE

Do you know Caleb Strategy has generated 20 million in sales for him Why Uchendu Obialor Strategy has generated 10 million in sales for him Why the 30 day challenge and Jackto strategy has generated over 9 million in sales for him without running ads.

My point is these strategies works. Just choose one and implementing ruthlessly and in 6 months you will be swimming in millions.

To get more materials, visit ​​ALL THE STRATEGIES OF JACKTO PRECIOU

Week 3a

How are you holding up with training?

By now, I believe you just have learnt from the 72IG and other materials about seminars.

Seminars are one of the ways through which you can bring people (leads) to your lists. Free seminars are short classes held online, either closed Facebook group, WhatsApp group, telegram group etc. The aim of this groups is to get your audience to your list where you then keep pitching your products to them.

I believe from 72IG 2020 Day 3 or 4, you already know how Affiliate marketing goes


NOW SEMINARS are used to cover up for Email marketing. Since email marketing is used to get a list of those who showed interested in your post or ad, and to keep track of them, sending them constant reminders if they don't buy the first time, seminars work in the same fashion just that, you keep them in a class, give them FREE INFORMATION then being out your offers of the product. 

Now, I know you may be finding it hard to get contents to run your own seminar. So, I made templates for you:

1. A seminar template for Affiliate marketing (If you want to market 72IG or S.E.P.D Affiliate or First Affiliate Sale or 0-$2k blueprint, and you want to do a seminar). You can get it here https://tinyurl.com/3fxyxe4x (the template is for 72IG. Make sure you reasearch on the course you want to market and edit)

2. A seminar template for Amazon kdp (if you want to market Amazon kdp or Passive income cash or Passive Income Machine). You can get it here https://tinyurl.com/55brt68e

2. A seminar template for Gumroad Automated Cash Machine https://tinyurl.com/3nktzuzv

​Note: templates are guides to help you get on fast. You should edit information that do not fit into your narrative. 

Week 3b


YOU may be finding it hard to draft a good ad copy to bring people to your seminar from Facebook, Instagram or any other handle. 

Here, I am giving you a post you can copy, edit, and use for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. EDIT IT.

here https://tinyurl.com/3fxyxe4x

Week 4


Another to build audience apart from seminars is to give out free materials in the form of pdfs, audio files, etc. Toyin talked about this. And I said it in one of my videos. If you are yet to watch the video on Building audience.  https://youtu.be/L-bSKoW90_8   watch it. Then download this book by Toyin Omotoso and follow the instructions I gave in the video. 

Or, go to your 72Ig 2020. The bottom part of the course, you'll see this there. Read Toyin's instructions and follow.

Here Where the money is

watch the video on Building audience to understand what you are to do with the book

You Can share this book to anyone, anywhere; groups etc. But always use it to your advantage. Make sure anyone interested in the book comes to your WhatsApp and saves your contact. That way, you're building audience.