In 12 months, I put 68.6 million Naira in the hands of normal people using just their Android phones or Laptops.

I want to make you part of it. You don’t have to accept if you don’t want to.

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1 dollar is closer to 1,000 naira today. That means $3,000 is closer to 3,000,000 Naira

Same amount Signor Palm has made so far with his phone:

Ezekson on the other hand has pulled over a million, too.

Pantheon added an extra 500,000 naira to her salary in one month

Daniel withdrew 475,000 naira to his local account

BossB taught her husband and they both made over 1.5 million naira as a couple in 1 month.

I could go ahead to show you the thousands of people who benefitted from the 68.6 million naira, but that will take the whole day.

Are You Ready to Write Your Own Success Story?

What is this business that is helping people like you make millions?

  1. 1
    From their home?
  2. 2
    With their phone or laptop?
  3. 3
    Without having to refer anyone?
  4. 4
    Without chatting with people?
  5. 5
    All from your home?

In 2021, I was just an Undergraduate Student in 200L. Broke. Tired. Hopeless. 

I am not the type that extorts parents, that’s if my parents had the money I could extort.

A family of 7 in a 2-room compound of 16 families.

Over 50+ people sharing 3 pit toilets.

I came from the lowest part of the society ladder.

I slept on the 3-seater couch anytime I was at home for 14 years. (I attended a boarding school).

No connection. No uncle or aunt in politics.

Just a mind full of wishes.


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You like the idea of a transformation. 

You want to also turn that problem in your life for good.

 Pay your rent.

Pay your debt.

How do you do all that with a meager salary, or in fact, no job?

I didn’t start this story well. From 2017.

 A fresh 16-year-old secondary school graduate started working in the 

market where they sell Agrochemicals from 9 am-7 pm daily for a 15k salary and 500 daily stipends.

 My mother was a cleaner.

My dad was a technician who has tried many other things from a Photo production company (beautiful days) to a taxi driver (harsh days).

Same 2021, I started affiliate marketing, my first online business. 

But it is not affiliate marketing that did what you saw up there.

Affiliate marketing opened me up to this business model where all they do is package information on different topics in the form of books.

But it wasn’t easy with the family issues at home.

Sapa wan kill me inside the online business, I almost quit. Thank God I didn’t.

Not only was I able to make I life out of my online businesses, but I was also able to teach over 23,000 people how they can do this themselves.

Why am I telling you all these stories?

It’s possible you didn’t know Amazon paid $522,000,000 in 2022 to people like me; $450 million in 2021. That’s around 520 BILLION naira in one year!

Why can’t you be a part of this?

You don’t know how it works?  I will show you.

You are shy? You don’t have to speak to people.
You don’t have a laptop?  Your Android phone can do the job.
You are a student?  As of 2023, I am in my final year. I singlehandedly built my family house.

What was that excuse you were making up for yourself and your family again?

I haven’t told you about the business in detail because I wanted to make sure you were ready to not waste my time and yours.

Since you have read this part, I can go ahead to tell you about the business.


I know, you might have heard about it a lot. 

And if true, you must have heard about me.

Some consider me the NO. 1 in Nigeria, but I don’t believe it to be so. 

Just that, I have been able to make a lot of people millionaires using tested and proven strategies detailed in the STELLAR PUBLISHING GUIDE.

Before I go deeper, what is Amazon KDP?

AMAZON KDP (fully, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform owned by one of the World’s richest men Jeff Bezos.

It is part of his E-commerce Company, Amazon.

It is called Self-publishing because – unlike normal publishing – it is done by the Authors themselves FOR FREE.

You don’t have to pay Amazon to publish your book either as an eBook or paperback, even hardcover.

 All you do is Upload your book, set the price, and Amazon displays your book to its Millions of audiences.

why would Amazon do it for free?

How does Amazon earn from it?

Simple. As your book sells, you give Amazon 30% of every copy of eBook sold, and 40% of paperback sold minus printing cost.

So, let’s say your ebook sells for $6.99. If you make 1 sale, Amazon takes 30% and you get $4.89.

Imagine you sell 100 copies of that 1 book in a month… HOW MUCH?

Do you think it’s hard to make 100 sales a month? 

Well, here is Kingsley with 100 sales in one day!

Convert to naira at the rate of 1000 naira/dollar.

That is 384,100 Naira. IT IS POSSIBLE, even more than that.


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What is inside the STELLAR PUBLISHING GUIDE that’s making millionaires out of people?:

[Course Content]

  1. 1
    SETTING UP > Create your bank and KDP account effortlessly.
  2. 2
    STELLAR BOOK RESEARCH > Discover what books will make you money.
  3. 3
    STELLAR BOOK CREATION >  Step-by-step on creating your best-selling book. Like the one below:
  4. 4
    STELLAR BOOK INTERIOR FORMATTING >  Learn how to make your book visually appealing.
  5. 5
    STELLAR BOOK COVER CREATION >  Create covers that sell.
  6. 6
    STELLAR BOOK PUBLISHING >  The A-to-Z of publishing your book on Amazon.
  7. 7
    STELLAR OPTIMIZATION >  Maximize your book's visibility and sales.
  8. 8
    STELLAR AMAZON ADS >  Advertise like a pro.
  9. 9
    CONCLUSION >  Build a brand and stay safe on Amazon

Each module comes with its own set of video tutorials to ensure you have everything you need to succeed!

[This is your chance. Don't let it slip away.]

  • No Experience Required
  • No Laptop Required (Your phone will do)
  • No Sales Calls or Chats. No referral.

I will be given you years of experience in one click. All I want from you is focus, determination and consistency. And you, too can see the goodness of this business.

Listen to some of my students say it themselves:

Amazon is great for Self-publishers. 

And this does not mean Authors or writers alone.

Even non-writers make a good sum of money monthly.

Just pay attention to all I am unveiling.

I love Amazon KDP as a non-writer than writer.

 I am a poet, and I have been published in many online magazines.

Just type “Aiyejinna Abraham” on Google and you’ll see proofs.

But I don’t sell my poem collections on Amazon or the books I write. Why?

If you go as a writer on Amazon, YOU CAN still sell.

Just that I know many “writers” struggling to earn on the same Amazon because they think Amazon is just about putting your book out, but the STELLAR publishing guide will open your eyes to how Amazon KDP works.

At this point, if you are strongly in the pursuit of fame that results from being a published author, I will kindly advise that you stop reading; I am of less help to you.

 I know what I am saying.

BUT if you are tired of being broke. 

If you want to start feeding yourself and your family. If you want to stop being a disturbance to friends, uncles, boyfriends etc, LISTEN to me.

I am not saying you can’t publish your books, or that you shouldn’t.

 In fact, with the knowledge you will get, you can publish your own books.

 But I want you to treat this as a business. Eat first, my friend.


See the most asked questions

Do I need to refer to earn?

NO. No need for referrals to earn. No need to bring two people that'll bring two people.

Will you mentor me if I get started?

We have a telegram Community for our students. There, you can ask questions and get replies from my numerous admins who I have taught KDP, too.

Do I have to post my books on social media?

No need to post your books on social media (Facebook, X, WhatsApp etc) to attract buyers.

I don't have Voter's card.

Well must not use a Voter's card to open a US account. You can use NIN slip, or any other government issued card.

Do I have to run ads?

You can make a lot of sales without ads. In fact, all the testimonies I’ve shared so far are without ads. But I will still be teaching you how to run ads on Amazon to reach more audience. The money you get from Amazon KDP can be reinvested into that in ads.

How do I get paid?

Your money will be sent to your US account straight. And you may wish to withdraw to your Nigerian bank account with the method I will be showing you at beautiful black-market rates.

I don't have a laptop, can I do it with my phone?

You can do it with your phone (Android), laptop, MacBook, desktop, Tablets, etc.

Join 22,798 people on this transformative journey towards a better financial life.
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Sign up TODAY and get an EXTRA 5,000 Naira off!

N30,000    N25,000


I remember when I first found out that I could earn money online, I was skeptical.

"Will this work?" "Is this not another Ponzi scheme?"

But the lack I was facing then was enough pain already.

Work from 9 am-7 pm carrying chemicals weighing 24kg upwards.

I started developing muscles. I became dark and thin, and I was always tired. 

God knew I was only doing that to have cash. Daily, I lamented about how the mornings come fast.

The worst part, is when the time comes for school, I find out that I saved nothing, and I begin to scratch everywhere for funds to resume.

It was horrible. I worked for 4 weeks with the hope of getting something to resume with but looking at resumption with dismay. Don't ask if I have parents. 

I do. And I also have 4 siblings. I am the first, I can't leave my responsibility to my parents anymore, they still have 4 to handle.

Maximum of 2 weeks, I always called Dad in school for one money or the other.

1500, 2000, and 3000 will come, and before I get 4 handouts and Detergents, I'm broke again.

I started taking pictures of handouts. I turned a 75-page statistic handout into pdf

. It was stressful but I had to do it to catch up educationally. I even deserted my first SIM because I owed MTN 1500.

Life wasn't easy. 

I applied for different scholarships in my UG1, with a GPA of 4.8 out of 5. I wasn't even called for screening exams until I got to my final year.

I wanted to help. Honestly, I wanted to. But life wasn't ready for my cries, but action. In 2021, I took a new course of life.

 Invested in myself by getting a guide from borrowing from 2 sources.

I toiled hard to ensure I pay back. Due to the frustration, I wasn't patient to learn; I rushed everything. 

And to my greatest hit, I couldn't meet up my deadline for payment. I dodged my borrower since I was in school. But I kept working.

During my 200L second semester break, I stayed back at school. That time, I took my time to stay patient with learning.


I pay my school fees. And that of others.

I built a house for my family.

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy of almost 714,500 to carry on my KDP business. (I was using techno of 22k before).

I have 2 laptops (Lenovo & a MacBook 2022 Pro).

I now send money to my parents.

I can get what I want when I want.

I am more confident about my future.

Don't think I have 2 heads, I don't. You can do it too.

You can literally take your life from 4-figures to 6, 7-figures, not in a day or week, oh, but that’s why we call it growth.

I don't like giving fake promises.


Sign up TODAY and get an EXTRA 5,000 Naira off!

N30,000   N25,000


But let’s assume you fail.

Yes, that you start this journey, and nothing comes out of it while you are consistent. That will be terrible for me too.

But how did I get over 22,000 people to trust and  learn from me?

Please, this is not an investment scheme.

You are not putting money into returns.

 You are enrolling in an academy where you will be taught the rudiments of a successful Amazon KDP business.

There is no Refund.